Sound System Reservation Form

Sound System Instructions for Reserving


The person/organization is responsible at all times for the security of all equipment received by the Office of Campus Life.  It is the person/organizations responsibility to setup and breakdown the equipment properly.  All student organizations/persons reserving sound system must come by the Office of Campus Life to receive the portable sound system.  A brief explanation of equipment will be given to avoid misuse.  All sound systems are expected to return to the Office of Campus Life by 12pm the following day.  In the event the sound system is reserved over a weekend, it must be returned by 12pm the following Monday.  In the event the sound system is not returned during 12pm the following day, reserving student/organization will loose its sound system privileges until the following semester.  In the event that sound system or any equipment is provided is damaged, lost or destroyed, all equipment must be replaced by the reserving person/organization.

Prices of Sound Equipment are as follows:
1. Portable Sound System $300.00
2. Power Cord $20.00
3. CD Player $20.00
4. Microphone $25.00
5. XLR Cable $25.00
6. RCA Cable $10.00.
7. Stands $50.00